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Hello there & Happy Monday!! I’m going to deviate from the usual outfit post today and talk about all things vintage. As you probably already know, I LOVE any and everything vintage. So today, I want to share a few of vintage picks from my Etsy shop that I think are perfect for Fall, as well as a why I think it’s important to have a certain vintage pieces in your wardrobe.

npicksThe 1st item that I think is a Fall must have is a leather jacket. If the jacket is embellished and purple, that’s even better! ūüėČ Vintage, embellished leather jackets definitely make a fashion statement and it’s an easy way to add color to your wardrobe. For early Fall, something lightweight is the way to go! A vintage leather jacket is an item I would suggest you have in your closet. Sure, you can head to the department store and get the trendiest leather. But why not stand out? Why not have a piece that no one has seen before? A vintage leather jacket is a definite investment piece.¬†When you step out and see everyone else wearing the same ‘ol jackets, you’ll thank me. ūüėČ


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purpleleather4The next vintage must have is a beaded (or sequined) evening jacket. ¬†I wear black quite often and I think that adding a sequin or beaded jacket instantly spruces up an outfit. A beaded jacket can also be worn with a pair of jeans, a tee and a nice pair of pumps. Adding a jacket like this makes is perfect for an evening look and it can take a casual look to the next level instantly! If you’re a fan of vintage or want to kick your wardrobe a notch, beads and sequins are a MUST for your closet.¬†Check out the item below!


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bluebead1Lastly, a beaded clutch/handbag is also a staple for any fashionistas closet. It doesn’t matter where you are; a unique and vintage beaded handbag is an instant conversation starter. Carrying one to an evening event like a dinner party, play, or even on a date is always a nice touch. The one pictured below is perfect for Fall, but can also be worn year round.¬†This item is yet another investment piece for the wardrobe. The different patterns, colors and sizes of vintage handbags are a great way to showcase you personality. Weather you’re bold and sassy or ¬†classic and chic, there’s a vintage handbag out there for you!beadedo


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beaded00Now, lets recap. Vintage items are important to your wardrobe because¬†1. they’re great¬†investment pieces, 2.¬†a vintage item can¬†instantly¬†take any outfit to the next level, and¬†3. unique vintage items are a great way to showcase your personality.¬†And if you’re wondering where to find some hot vintage items, check Nic’s Picks, your local thrift stores, estate sales and you local Goodwill stores.

So tell me; are YOU going to add some vintage goodness to your Fall wardrobe? If so, what pieces? Do any of the items about stand out to you? Let me know! Also, check out my favorite celebs in their vintage inspired looks below for even more inspiration! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back Wednesday. Be blessed & stay safe.


**All items can be found HERE over on my Etsy Shop**



Janelle Monae


The Olsen Twins


Dita Von Teese



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