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Happy Labor Day everyone!! I plan to watch movies with the hubby, do a bit of blog hopping, and possibly some thrifting today. But before I do, I MUST introduce to you yet another Thrifty Friend of mine.

Brandhyze Stanley, also known as Frugal-nomicsis someone I definitely admire. When it comes to thrifting and DIY, she’s got it going on! Not only is Brandhyze super creative with her DIY creations, she’s also been blessed with several other talents such as acting and hosting, just to name a few. Check out some of her thrifty threads and get to know her just a bit more. Be sure to check out her blog too. Enjoy!



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1. Name, Blog Name & Location?

Brandhyze Stanley


Brooklyn, NY

2. How long have you been a thrifter?

Years, I can remember thrifting in high school.


Top .60 cents
Skirt like $10
Belt like $15 from Target


3. How did you get into thrifting? Did someone inspire you?

At first I was just curious about it and went to check it out to see what it’s all about. I found a few cute things back then….but it wasn’t until I moved to New York that I started finding high end designer stuff for pennies….that I became HOOKED!

4. How often do you thrift?

A few times a month.


Dress and sweater, about .60 cents each

5. What are some of your favorite Thrift Stores in your area?

I love Housing Works, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Buffalo Exchange.

6. What would you say to someone who wants to try thrifting but has no idea where to start?

Go on a day where you have some time to peruse, and travel light — no heavy bags or coats, or you are less likely to stay. This is not the time to be best dressed, wear comfortable clothes — no heels, or your best duds. Also start small to warm up to it….look at the jewelry, or shoes, because just jumping in sometimes intimidates beginners and they feel overwhelmed. Here’s an article I wrote for Manilla about it: https://www.manilla.com/blog/12-thrift-store-shopping-tips-from-a-pro/

7. What items do you look for most when you thrift? Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor or a little bit of everything?

Mostly clothes, but I do come across unique accessories and home goods from time to time.

8. Are there certain items you will not thrift? If so, what?

Yes. No throw pillows, blankets….or things like that. You have to be super careful because of things like the bed bug epidemic. No undergarments (even if new), for obvious reasons.


Jeans $40
Top AND jacket .60 cents each


9. Your also an avid DIYer. What inspires your DIY creations?

Celebrities, the runway, real life. It comes from all over. I spot. I love it. I recreate it! I saw Beyonce’s Super Bowl costume, and was IN LOVE — I had to recreate it. Or, I saw this backless crop top on Rihanna that caught my eye, and it is such a memorable piece in my wardrobe now.

Rihanna Inspired DIY

 (click picture for link) 


10. Other DIY Creations Links?


Ostrich Feather Skirthttp://frugal-nomics.com/2013/02/diy-ostrich-feather-skirt/

11. Any tips for DIY beginners out there?

It’s not as hard as you might think, and it feels so rewarding to get a compliment on something you’ve made yourself.