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Hello lovely people! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if you’re off until the New Year, I hope you’re enjoying your long vacation ūüėČ

This Christmas was special for me because I had the job of cooking and preparing a few meals. My mother, little sister and I were in the kitchen cookin’ up a storm! First, I helped my mother prepare her famous French Toast. She makes it every Christmas and I swear it tastes even better every year!

To prepare, I coated the pan with Pam, and then cut up one loaf of (day old) a French baguette.  I let it sit over night, and then on Christmas morning, my mom added the rest of the ingredients. Below is a pic of the DELICIOUS finished product.


Salad & French Toast Prep


French toast, fresh out the oven!

The next breakfast item I prepared and made myself. I saw this recepie on Pintrest (HERE) and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I figured Christmas was the perfect time! I (1)¬†sprayed¬†the muffin pan with Pam, (2) cracked enough eggs to fill each section, (3) added turkey bacon bits, shredded cheese, a dash of salt and pepper and then (4) placed it in the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes (on 300 degrees).

food2They came out PERFECTLY! The taste was great, and they slid right out of the pan, leaving no mess! This meal is a perfect meal if you’re having guests¬†because¬†you can ¬†customize¬†each egg if you want. Also, it’s great for kids because its quick to make, and small enough for them to enjoy with their hands ūüėČ

food3The next thing I prepared was easy. I used about 6 boiled eggs and diced them into little tiny pieces. I also cooked about 6-7 turkey bacon strips. I then crumbled them up and stored them in a container (see the 1st picture above). Once we were ready to eat dinner, I cut up a¬†lettuce¬†head into different sections, and then added the bacon and egg over top of it. Last, the blue cheese dressing was drizzled on top. Here’s a pic of the finished wedge below (minus the dressing).


Lovely salad wedge!


The last thing I want to share is my little sisters Christmas Mice. She prepared them after being inspired by one of my Dad’s co-workers¬†chocolate¬†mice. To make them, she used Oreo cookies (for the base), cherries (for the body/tail),¬†Hershey’s¬†kisses (for the face), almond slivers (for the ears) and food coloring for the eyes and¬†the¬†(green)¬†mistletoe.


Christmas Mice

So as you can see, I’ve been a busy kitchen helper this week. I also cooked for Thanksgiving; I’m on a roll ūüėČ Now I’m not one for the kitchen but I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed cooking and preparing this holiday season with my family. When I become a Mrs. I’ll be more than ready to serve up some delicious meals to the hubby ūüėČ

Until next time, take care and be blessed!